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F i l m   a n d   T e l e v i s i o n   P r o d u c t i o n s

Fox Entertainment

The Masked Singer Season 4

Augmented Reality Technical Artist

(more to be released)

Personal Projects

White Noise. An experimental horror revolving around surreal nightmares.

Best Sound Editing at Pacifica Christian SCREEN High School Film Festival

Featured at SAMOHI Film Festival

Was shot using a Sony A7ii, a waterproof smartphone, a tripod, and a glidecam.

Made with my film club while studying abroad in Japan at ICU, 剝離 (Hakuri) follows an android and its human owner debating humanity.

Featured at ICU's C-Week's club highlights.

Was shot using a Sony A7ii and a decreasingly frequent tripod.

A music video called Street Photography, using the song Fall Back 2U by Chromeo.

Best Editing at StarDance Film Festival, and featured at LASFF, Socal Student Film Festival, and SAMOHI Film Festival

Was shot using a Pentax K5IIs, a tripod, and a skateboard.

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