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G A M E S ,  T O O L S ,  &  V R / XR

A tense virtual reality escape room themed around magic shrinking spells and a cursed series of rooms that aren't exactly expanding. Released on Steam. Developed in Unity.

Lead Game Designer and 3D Artist  (Unity, Maya)

A video-panel editor for VR playback, allowing 3D-transform editing. Contains UI for scrubbing through the timeline and importing and editing different video-panels on the fly. Key-framing mechanism for animating video-panels in the works.

Sole Developer  (Unreal Engine 4)

An interactive narrative where the player helps Vincent Van Gogh bring life back to his field before time runs out and he succumbs to the depression surrounding his last years.  To do this, they must journey between worlds through his paintings.

Lead Developer and Game Designer  (Unity)

A VR bedroom with the purpose of proving that child OCD symptoms can be elicited and recorded by VR tasks. In collaboration with Joseph Mcguire's psychiatric  treatment research at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Lead Developer and Research Assistant  (Unity)

A 2-player artistic simulation of 4 real-world sensors interfacing with a mobile Arduino. One person experiences the animation on the Oculus Go,  while another streams their Arduino data to morph it.

Yale University

Developer  (Arduino, Unity)

A 2 to 20 minute top-down combat game using a dash-attack for all encounters. A girl stuck in a coma must fight her way out, battling the faceless god's husks that have come to steal her identity.

Sole Developer/Artist  (Unity)

An interactive fiction project for a design class. The prompt was to introduce yourself using a UI system. You respond to an AI that thinks the person in a missing person's report is their child. It asks you to help look for him.

Sole Developer/Artist  (Unity)


A networked 2 player demo of a momentum-based gliding mechanic, along with some dialogue/setting to accompany it. Imagined on the rooftops of an urban jungle, two young boys review the rules to their fictional racing game.

Sole Unity Programmer/Designer

Wayfair API Award winner. A mobile VR app for customizing a virtual room using dynamically sourced and spawned furniture models from Wayfair's database. The room can then be saved and uploaded to a web-server for sharing.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Unity and Wayfair API Developer

A short interactive fiction where the player is tasked with helping another man with remembering where they were, and what they were doing. The space around them is empty, and the player must choose what to fill the blanks in based on the context of the dialogue.

Sole Unity Developer/Artist

A UNET networked three player infiltration game where each player is given a specific role. There is a hacker, an anesthesiologist, and a conman, all of which are required to get past a series of guards, locked doors, and cameras, with the end goal of getting the loot.

Lead Game Designer/Unity Developer

A local two player game that allows two Latin styled instruments to use sound waves in order to battle each other atop a villa. These sound waves, emanating from their notes, toss the ground up and down in the air like a wave, leading each player to attempt to knock each other off the villa.

Game Designer and 3D Artist   (Maya)

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